Welcome to Azymbol’s Monitor.

This site keeps score of all finished projects by the creative tinkerer Azymbol.


First off, I must confess: I’m a bad consumer…

Living in a highly consumer oriented society, the illusion exists that everything a human needs is already created and can be obtained right here, right now. Many needs are just created out of thin air and merchandising makes them seem real…  

So it’s tough to get me excited about some new product. We all know that nowadays this economic model rarely rolls out the best quality it can produce but rather the worst it can get away with. It should only last until the next hype is offered right?

I am not a skilled craftsman but do enjoy exploring different disciplines. By using the talents I do possess, I’d rather have a go at it myself…with the added bonus of being able to say: I made this !

Lots off thanks to my son Djef for doing this portal to my music and my other projects… for your enjoyment…Peace!



Monitor: a person or a piece of equipment that warns,checks, controls, or keeps a continuous record of something.



In his organ solos
He feels 'round the keyboards
Knowing he must find the noisiest notes for you to hear
And when I know that he's found them
It feels so good...
But I still can't see why people listen, instead of doing it themselves
But I'm grateful all the same
You're very kind and I don't blame you
I don't mind if you just watch
In fact I'd welcome it, welcome it, welcome it...


(Soft Machine - Thank You Pierrot Lunaire)